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5 Reasons Why You Need a Co-working Space as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur in Nigeria can be a struggle especially during the lonely journey from inception to converting your ideas into successful businesses. This is a tough, daunting challenge, often giving entrepreneurs a run for their ideas. Only a few people understand the peculiar challenges faced by entrepreneurs; ranging from networking, sourcing for funds, finding a conducive work environment, product marketing, brand awareness, to list but a few. But a good approach to combat these challenges is by exploring the opportunities that lie in a co-working space. Co-working facilitates collaboration and one of the secrets of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to collaborate effectively. A co-working space in its simplest form is a shared work environment that allows entrepreneurs from different walks of life to work independently or/and collaboratively within a thriving ecosystem, providing a leveled ground for them to discuss, share ideas and also leverage on the human capital available within said environment. In view of the foregoing, here are five reasons why you need a co-working space as an entrepreneur.
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Opportunity to Network and Build Symbiotic Relationships:

Co-working spaces serve as convergent points for entrepreneurs and “start-uppers” with different levels of experience (beginner, intermediate and expert) and knowledge in their respective fields. As a member of a co-working space, chances are you’d always bump into ‘the cool guys building solutions to world problems’. It is safe to say that a co-working space is not just an environment for you to work, but a hub which allows you meet and relate with like-minded individuals. In this case, you are not just building contacts, but long-lasting relationships.

A Place to Share Ideas:

Most times as humans we tend to get deeper insights on issues from discussing with others; innovators get brain waves in the course of having conversations with other like-minded individuals. This is yet another reason you should be a part of a co-working space. As an entrepreneur, the solution to your overdue startup challenge might just be a fellow entrepreneur you meet at a co-working space.


Asides offering opportunities to share ideas, co-working spaces are no doubt cheaper than traditional offices. They often target early stage startups who might not be able to afford the cost of renting an office space. In addition to this cost effectiveness, co-working spaces offer benefits such as mentorship, free internet services, coffee and so on. Successful startups around the world have leveraged on this opportunity in order to cut down costs of running a personal office space.

Serene Atmosphere:

Occasionally, we find it very difficult to do any serious activity in a noisy environment, thereby reducing our concentration and effectiveness as creatives. While co-working spaces have a no noise policy, there’s usually cool music in the background. This helps everyone relax and eases the dead silence tension you’d normally associate with offices. This is one advantage that cannot be overemphasized. When working from home begins to suck, you just might want to find a co-working space around you.
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Training and Learning opportunities:

Learning, sharing and relearning is what you get from an ideal co-working space. These spaces frequently host training, workshops, seminars and other learning activities. Which helps to inform entrepreneurs and small business owners on how they can thrive effectively in a competitive economy such as the one we have in Nigeria The co-working culture in Nigeria is gaining grounds and people are beginning to embrace the concept. However, the benefits of this culture are yet to be maximized, but we foresee that changing in the nearest future. Per usual, with the pros comes the cons, but the benefits outweigh the downside.