What Do Coworkers Really Want?

In our quest to meet a pressing need of providing infrastructure for our communities, we sometimes fail to put the needs of our prospective members first and foremost assuming we know what they want. Thinking you know what they want isn’t always wrong – you just might be right. Sadly, that’s not always the case. In this post, we are referring to coworking spaces, the internet and trying to provide an answer or answers to the question of what coworkers- that is, members of a coworking space- really want. Read on and you will find 2 classic case studies, based on research and experience.


It can be really daunting to be a provider, especially when you get nagged by those you are offering your services to. In this case, provider A has taken his time to build a coworking space, paid attention to detail and delivered an impeccable space that everyone loved and the membership grew in record time.
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However, with growth came a number of problems because they had unhappy people in their space. Members disliked the services and considered it unsatisfactory. The number of coworkers dwindled as fast as they came hence the community never got a chance to develop.
Note: Would-be founders would do well to manage these situations early on as they arise by listening to their customers, after all, they are the reason you are there in the first place. 


Setting up space in an eyebrow area is financially draining (there are no cutting corners.) And you would expect that as soon as it is all setup and running you begin to get returns. At XYZ coworking space this was the scenario they unavoidably found themselves in. With so much money already buried in construction and aesthetics, they were anxious to start making their money back. Albeit, the prospective members weren’t as anxious to subscribe to their membership plans. We wouldn't be wrong to conclude that this is why successful entrepreneurs emphasize on the need for feasibility study before starting any business. Entrepreneurs usually underplay the essence of carrying out a feasibility study. Because they don’t want to be stopped by the discouraging words of self-acclaimed advisers. Let’s not forget we are reading about what coworkers really want. Now you have built a beautiful coworking space and provided infrastructure and you are eagerly anticipating that part of the masterplan where members start rolling in and doling out cash but it just doesn’t happen as fast as you would want it. You are forced to go back to the drawing board to brainstorm and re-strategize on how to get them in and keep them in.
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This is where you stop to ask yourself ‘what do these people really want?’ Human needs are unlimited and insatiable - both at a fundamental and secondary level - couldn’t have been better put. We haven’t heard it all. We might need to redefine a coworking space with the needs of our ideal coworkers in full perspective. *If you thought this post was the key to solving this puzzle, sorry to disappoint you but we don’t know either*