Our Premium Coworking Space for SMEs is Now Open

We are excited to announce that on Friday, March 18, 2016, we opened our Coworking space doors for business. And in marking this grand opening, we had a launch party with over 30 guests in attendance. Our founder, Olaotan Towry-Coker had this to say, ‘we’re happy to provide affordable, yet premium office space to the thousands of entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in need of a professional and welcoming work environment.’

“Connect Collaborate Create”

Apart from providing coworking spaces for early stage businesses and freelancers. Cranium One also provides a broad range of interactive learning classes. Covering topics such as branding, creative thinking, project management, and marketing. Individuals can develop skills that give their work and play new energy. Our members will get more than just desk space, they will also benefit from an engaging environment, shared skills and resources, increased motivation, an expanded network of professional contacts, and sense of community. Thank you all for making this a memorable event. We can’t wait to have you come back and celebrate bigger achievements with us 🙂
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Here are some pictures from the event: Cranium One-158 Cranium One-157 Cranium One-146 Cranium One-145 Cranium One-131 Cranium One-103 Cranium One-107 Cranium One Coworking Space Cranium One-124 Cranium One-126