Free work day

Free Work Day

Since our launch on the 8th of March, 2016, we’ve received a truckload of feedback and love from everyone; it’s been surreal. Now we’ve decided to reciprocate this love in our own little way by giving away a free working day this coming Wednesday, April 27. It’s an all day access and it’s totally free, no hidden charges, no sign-up necessary. We would just really love to spend our day with you and just maybe, you’d love us back and stay permanently :-). Heads up guys: if you’ve ever been to our space, you’d know that we can only accommodate so many people at our work stations and common areas for everybody to feel comfortable. In other words, spaces are limited. If you would you like to enjoy this, please send your interest to [email protected] and we’ll confirm your slot. Can’t wait to see you and feel free to spread the word.
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